What was the family relationship between Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt ?

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Answer Thanks again, Mark, for your question: On March 17, 1905, Roosevelt married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, his fifth cousin, once removed, over the fierce resistance of his mother. Her uncle, Theodore Roosevelt, stood in for Eleanor's deceased father Elliott. The young couple moved into a house bought for them by FDR's mother, who became a frequent house guest, much to Eleanor's chagrin. Franklin was a charismatic, handsome and socially active man. In contrast, Eleanor was shy and disliked social life, and at first stayed at home to raise their children. They had six children in rapid succession: Anna Eleanor (19061975), James (19071991), Franklin Delano, Jr. (March 3, 1909November 7, 1909), Elliott (19101990), a second Franklin Delano, Jr. (19141988), and John Aspinwall (19161981). The five surviving Roosevelt children all led tumultuous lives overshadowed by their famous parents. They had among them nineteen marriages, fifteen divorces and twenty-nine children. All four sons were ... more
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