What were John Adams Presidential mistakes? ?

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Ah poor John Adams - - - - unremembered by a majority of Americans and spat upon by the bulk of historians the sad reality is that he was a 'mistake.' He had a grumpy personality and was squat fat and bald none of which was all that wrong but America has always been image conscious and poor John was just too easily bullied & picked upon. Adams strengths were his weakness. His honesty his candor his dedication to hard work all worked against him especially when dealing with the 'Sainted' Thomas Jefferson who openly orchestrated attacks against Adams and did everything possible to besmirch Adams. Another one of Adams great mistakes was that he actually believed that Public Service was simply that, Service for the Public, and that he should rise above political shenanigans and not try to back stab other Public Figures such as Jefferson. Oh you want actual blunders - - - despite the condemnation of history they were few. more
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