What were the long term negative effects of the Treaty of Versailles?

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The major effect was World War Two. Hitler’s Views Concerning the Versailles Treaty. Hitler was very upset when Germany surrendered in November 1918 and firmly believed that Jewish politicians had stabbed Germany in the back. Germans hated the Versailles Treaty and viewed the June 28, the signing of the treaty as a day of dishonor for the German state. Hitler’s main objective and argument was that he was going to make Germany great again. He argued that in for Germany to regain its status of greatness, he Versailles Treaty had to be abolished. Hitler begun by proclaiming that he was going to liberate the German people of the dictated treaty. Extracts from the Nazi Party Programme 1920: - We demand the union of all Germans into a greater Germany. - We demand that Germany be treated in the same way as other countries and we demand the annulling of the Treaty of Versailles. - We demand land for our growing population. Hitler in essence promised the German people the effacement of the ... more
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A big problem for Germany was to pay back a giant amount of money for the all of the damage done to the Allied countries, mostly France, during World War I. This made Germany one of the poorest countries in Europe for almost 20 years, and caused political fighting in Germany.Germany officially finished paying off its debt on Sunday, October 3, 2010. The two most important parties, the Communists (who wanted a Communist revolution as had happened in Russia) and the Nazis (who thought Germany should become the most powerful country in Europe) fought for many years.

The debt to the Allies was made easier for the Germans during the Great Depression, and all debt was cancelled in 1932. Many Germans hated the treaty and some even wanted to fight more after Versailles.

The League of Nations created after Versailles was usually not powerful enough to stop wars, either. Japan took a part of China called Manchuria and the League was not able to stop it. Italy invaded Ethiopia and although the Ethiopian Emperor begged the League to help him, it did not. Germany, Japan and Italy became the Axis powers, and by invading many peaceful countries caused World War II. The United States and the USSR did not even join the League, even though it was the idea of US President Woodrow Wilson in the first place. The League was never taken seriously, even though it was created to make sure Versailles was respected. The treaty failed to keep peace in the end, and was a reason for Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler to win the support of the poorer Germans to get rid of the "chains of Versailles", leading to World War II.


The German army were not defeated in World War One. German politicians faced increasing turmoil by starving civilians rioting with their government were facing electoral defeat.

Germany was brought to Versailles and signed the Armistice of 11th November 1918 with extreme reparations imposed on Germany with the Ruhr industrial area and the coal mining area of Saarland occupied by France. Germany was humiliated and anarchy reigned in Germany with demobbed soldiers forming the FreiKorps which fought the Communists daily. In 1995 Germany finished paying for the damage of World War One. The debt of generations ensured when Hitler and the Fascists came to power they set about demilitarising the Saarland and rearming to form the modern world beating Wehrmacht.

Hyperinflaton ensuring a wheelbarrow was needed to buy bread is a constant fear for Germany today.

Germany thoroughly detfeated in World War One and World war Two is today the strongest country in Europe.

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