What were the positive and negative effects of the Mongol conquest?

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mrsamueltaylor There are many positive and negative effects of the Mongol conquest. The negative effects of the Mongol conquest would be the destruction they caused. The Mongols looted, raped and pillaged anyplace that would not surrender to Mongol authority. The only people allowed to live were engineers and artisans who were then turned into slaves. The Mongols caused a lot of destruction during thier campaigns. Places such as Kiev and Baghdad lost libraries and hospitals. The Mongols also burned crops, diverted rivers and catapulted diseased corpses into cities in order to starve or infect people with deadly diseases. Some historians believe that the use of dead bodies by the Mongols is what brought the Black Death to Europe. The Mongol conquest had a lot of positive effects also. The Mongols unified a very large area allowing for a very large trade network to be established throughout Europe and Asia. The silk road was reestablished due to Mongol Conquest. The Mongols set up a ... more
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