What will Fabrazyme cost?

COST fabrazyme

The price is set and is based on the cost in Europe. It should cost the average size adult around $160,000 per year. You will need insurance! Will insurance cover treatment? Of course the answer to this is very individual, based on your insurance policy. Genzyme Treatment Support (800-745-4447) can probably be very helpful here. Also programs are being put in place to assist with uncovered expenses as well. What about trial participants? Discuss this with your treating physician, but basically this does not affect you at present. TKT still hopes to gain FDA approval and is reviewing their options. Replagal recipients will continue receiving treatment during this review period. Patients and their physicians will be informed of any changes when they are finalized. Genzyme’s Phase 4 trial is planned to run to conclusion, gaining important data for FDA. We have been assured by both companies that patients receiving treatment will not be denied access. All efforts will be made to transition