What will happen to Candlestick Park after the team leaves?

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2 Answers

Candlestick Park is owned by the City of San Francisco, so it’s up to the City to determine what to do with Candlestick Park after the team starts playing in a new 49ers stadium. more
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Candlestick Park will still be run the same as before until the fall of 2014.  (It takes an annual budget of $5.9 million to run it so they are looking to line up some events to earn back the money.  They are hoping for some major concerts.)

Once it hosts the last event then crews will remove all items with any value and then turned over to the new developer Lennar Urban

Lennar is going to build a new complex of housing, retail, and entertainment.  I don't they have decided yet to implode the stadium with dynamite or crush it with a wrecking ball.  Demolition date will most likely be in 2015 ... so that will be the end of our Candlestick Park then.

How did Candlestick Park get its name?

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