What will happen to earth in 1,000 years if we keep pollution up?

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1 Answer

Our Earth is dying now. The animals are loosing their habitats. The Earth itself is even wasting away. Go to a plot of earth that has rich clean soil and compare it with earth that has nothing good in it. Red clay is a good example. Nothing grows good in it.That's what we will have. Man or animal can not live with this.The plants will not live. The atmosphere is being poisoned. People that do not care... should start.This is our planet. Our future generations are going to be trying to survive here.It really is not something to laugh about.That's why our scientists are worried about global warming and everyone is trying to recycle all we can. We have got to save our Earth now.We will be here until the end of mankind but we don't need to destroy our planet in the meantime. more
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