What women have been portrayed on U.S. paper money?

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1 Answer

To date, only four "real" women have been featured on circulating U.S. notes and coins, all others have been fictionalized representations of "Liberty." Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea have been honored on coins. A portrait of Martha Washington graced the series 1886 and 1891 $1.00 Silver Certificates. The first, First Lady was also featured, along with her husband George, on the series 1896 $1 Silver Certificate. This bill is part of a group of notes that are often referred to as the "Educational Series." These early, large size notes display beautiful engravings and are highly sought after by collectors. The U.S. Series 1869-1878 $10.00 notes featured an engraving of the painting Introduction of the Old World to the New World, or Pocahontas Presented at Court by T.A. Liebler. more
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