What would happen if all the oceans lost their salinity?

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I'm no expert but first I'm guessing a large proportion of the life in it would die. SInce many freshwater fish cannot life in salt water I have to assume the reverse is true. Secondly, if the salinity was lost the freezing point would be higher so more of it would freeze, perhaps resulting in changes to underwater currents. If there is a grain of truth in the Day After Tomorrow, the loss of heated currents would cause a reduction in global temperature. Shipping lanes would be much more dangerous especially towards the poles. Since more of the ocean is now ice, there would be a change to the major weather fronts, since water could not be evaporated to the same degree, so I'm imagining that hurricanes and the like would be less common, but that there may also be less precipitation as well, which could cause drought in susceptible areas. This is all complete guesswork on my part but since nothing lke this on a grand scale has ever happened (as far as I know) I think that any ...
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