What’s it like


We are considering Afitos Greece) for our honeymoon next year but just looking for a bit more information. We are looking for somewhere a bit quieter but with enough bars and taverns to choose from, nice beach etc. Is the beach sand or stones?


I have many good memories related to Greece but I do not recommend going there this year. South European countries are more prone to coronavirus and I do not want to put my family at risk. I think of Canada as a fallback option after the borders open. There are many options for short term apartment rental toronto now. I want to try to get a discount if I book a room in advance. I like living in a luxurious environment and this is something that a regular hotel cannot provide for tourists.


I think you will like Afitos. It is a very pretty village with lots of old cobbled streets. The only thing to bare in mind is that it is on a steep slope (down to the beach), just in case you have any mobility issues. If you are fit & healthy it is a great choice, and being higher up gives gorgeous views across the sea.
There is a good selection of bars & tavernas, most of which are pretty chilled out, rather than pumping & clubby. There are also lots of more relaxed bars & tavernas in Kalithea, so well worth a visit. If you are taking a taxi anyway, you may want to consider afytos airport transfers.