What's the average cost to replace freon in a GMC Suburban?

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Find a good repair shop and have them look at it they will check to see how much R-134 is in there to begin with then recover what is in there do a leak test and refill it it should be less than a hundred dollars.Some places will check it for free and just charge you for the R-134 that they use which is around 40 dollars a pound that they use to refill your system.Then there is another option you can get what you need from any parts store such as the oil it only takes about 8 ounces or 1 can look under your hood and there will be a sticker that will tell you what to use either ester oil or pag oil and how much freon you need it should be around a pound to 2 pounds if you have rear air and the stuff you need to have you add it yourself they can tell you what you need. more
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