What's the best phone for hearing aid wearers?

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A. There is not just one phone that is the best for hearing aid wearers. Every Motorola product is unique - just like you. Hearing aids are also distinctive, both with respect to the user settings and the internal design/manufacture. Therefore, one cannot expect one model of hearing aid to necessarily experience the same interference issues as another. Australian Hearing and the Australian Communications and Media Authority provide consumer advice on this Click here to view the Hearing aids and Mobile Phones (PDF 296 KB) document. Australian Hearing conclude that most hearing aid users who can successfully use a normal fixed line telephone will be able to use a CDMA or 3G mobile telephone without the need for an accessory in most situations. To accommodate users with a wide range of needs, Motorola provides products with various features. Some examples of features that may appeal to users with hearing needs include Text Messaging, Visual Alerts, and Vibracall Alert. You can review ... more
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