What's the best way to handle an infiltration of Ladybugs?

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1 Answer

Ed Jones, owner of No-Risk Exterminating, told me today that he gets lots of calls from people in the spring who want him to treat their homes because they start seeing hords of Ladybugs. Ed says this is NOT a good time to treat them. Although Ed could take your money to treat them, he's an honest guy and would rather give you good information than make a buck for no reason. Ladybugs look for a place to hole up in the fall so they can survive the winter. Often this means our homes. They can fit into tiny nooks and crannies and go into a sort of hibernation during the winter months. Fall is the best time to call an expert like Ed Jones to keep Ladybugs out of your home. Ed can spray around the likely entry points to your home to keep your winter guests to a minimum. In the spring time, the Ladybugs are simply looking for an escape route to get back to the great outdoors where they belong because their thoughts have returned to a good meal and romance. If you treat Ladybugs in the ... more
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