What’s the best way to make lotion, hand cream and ointment from scratch?

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1 Answer

Prepare a clean workspace. Gather your ingredients and measure ahead of time. Set aside the emulsifier, fragrance and preservative. In one container, combine your oil based ingredients. In a separate container, combine your water based ingredients. Heat your oil based ingredients on low heat. Heat the emulsifier and any waxes until liquified. Add the emulsifier and waxes to the heated oils. Heat the water based ingredients. Combine all heated ingredients. Using a mixer, traditional blender or stick blender begin to mix. Once ingredients begin to cool they will emulsify. Allow the lotion to cool until 120º F. Add fragrance. Allow the lotion to cool to a temperature that allows for incorporation of the preservative. Pour lotion into containers. Leave container top off until product has thickened and returned to room temperature. Apply cap and label. more
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