What's the best way to stuff Kong dog chew toys?

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Kong dog chew toys have a small hole on one end and a larger hole on the other. Start by stuffing the small hole with a treat that will really get your dog's attention. This will also serve to block up the small hole. This is convenient if you are filling the Kong with very liquid ingredients. Most frozen Kong recipes are high liquid recipes. There are many recipe ideas and different ways to fill Kong dog chew toys. The simplest recipes start by combining all the ingredients into a gooey mixture that you spoon into the Kong. A more advanced technique is to layer different fillings... so as the hours pass the tasty rewards change. You may even want to try putting your dog’s most favourite treat in first, so that the final part of the excavation could be your dog’s grand prize. Try filling a Kong dog toy with cheese and pieces of kibble, or other treats, and then heat it in the microwave. This will bind the pieces together and add to your dog’s challenge. Always remember to let the ... more
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