What's the big difference between sports yarn and worsted weight?

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The following information is from the Lion Brand Yarn Guide A: Worsted weight is a measure of thickness that originally applied only to worsted spun wool. It has come to be used to describe any fiber of that traditional thickness. WEIGHT: This refers to how thick the yarn is. There are a number of standard thickness' for yarn. These include: * FINGERING YARN: A loosely spun, very lightweight yarn used for babywear, socks, and other delicate items. * SPORT YARN: A medium weight yarn used for babywear, sweaters, and lightweight throws. * WORSTED WEIGHT YARN: The most popular weight for knitting and crocheting. An ideal weight for throws. * CHUNKY YARN: Heavier than worsted weight, chunky yarn works up quickly and easily for such things as hats, scarves, and throws. * BULKY YARN: A very heavy yarn, about twice as thick as worsted weight. YARN EQUIVALENTS: A method of approximating yarn equivalents: Two strands fingering equal one strand sport. Two strands sport equal one strand worsted. ... more
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