What's the difference between a graduate student and an M.A candidate?

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1 Answer

Students in the graduate communications program may be... • a. non-degree-seeking. The student is admitted to the university by the registrar through the submission of two official transcripts of undergraduate work. Registration in communications graduate classes requires permission of instructor, which is granted on a seats-available basis only. • b. degree-seeking, of which there are two sorts... b1. admitted conditionally. The student is admitted and assured of a seat in all graduate classes as long as certain conditions are met. These conditions might be the successful completion of undergraduate prerequisites or maintaining a B average during the first semester of graduate study -- or others as specified by the graduate program committee of the Department of Communications. b2. admitted unconditionally. The student is admitted and assured of a seat in all graduate classes. (All students, regardless of their admission status, must maintain a B average with no grade lower than a C ...
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