What's the difference between a password and a PIN?

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1 Answer

Let's be clear that there are PINs and there are passwords. They are not necessarily the same thing and are used differently depending on your role. STUDENTS: When a student enters the district they are enrolled in our student information system and automatically assigned a district student ID number as well as a PIN. The PIN was added to our system in 2006 when the Parent/Student Portal was first developed. Every evening an automated process creates P/S Portal accounts for students enrolled that day in the student information system. It happens that we when create the student portal accounts, we set their beginning password to equal their PIN. Their district student ID number is used for their P/S Portal user ID. They are encouraged to change their password after their first login with the PIN. That does not change the PIN, only their login password. The PIN is permanent and separate from the password; it just happens that both are the same when a student's P/S portal account is ... more
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