What's the difference between a public and a confidential marriage license?

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1 Answer

• Public marriage license: A public marriage license requires the couple to appear together at the Registrar/Recorder's office during regular business hours to obtain the marriage license. During this process you may encounter a long (2-3+ hours) wait. Public marriage licenses create a public record and will allow anyone access to your vital information. This license can be obtained and used in any county within California, and witnesses are required. • Confidential marriage license: The confidential license is only for couples currently living together. While no proof is required, you're both stating under penalty of perjury that you are. With the confidential license, your vital and personal information is not public record (no junk mail, media or internet searches) and information can only be obtained by the couple, or by a court order. This type of license is is perfect for high profile couples such as; celebrities, business leaders, politicians, law enforcement, etc., and anyone ... more
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