Whats the difference between a scooter and a motorcycle?

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While there can be many differences between scooters and motorcycles there are three main characteristics that distinguish a scooter. They include its frame design, transmission type, and weight. The most obvious difference a scooter possesses is its step-through design. More comfortable than straddling a large fuel tank, scooters have a seat position that lets riders sit with their legs in front of them behind a wind deflecting shield. The design also puts the engine to the rear of the passenger, thus protecting the rider from oil stains and engine heat while at the same time lowering the center of gravity. A second major difference is that many scooters now feature automatic transmissions. Using a continuous variable transmission, modern scooters accelerate smoothly from 0 to top speed without a gear selector or clutch. This makes scooters more convenient to ride in congested areas as well as easier to operate so one can concentrate on safety. Finally, a scooter is typically much ... more
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