What's the difference between a 'Staff schedule', 'staff roster', 'rota' or 'off-duty'?

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Staff Schedule or Roster?. In Visual Rota, the terms schedule and roster mean the same, its just that in England, the term schedule is never applied to humans, only timetables and machinery. In England, where the program was developed, we call a Staff Schedule three different names, it is known as; a 'staff roster', 'staff rota' or more simply as 'the off-duty'. The term 'rota' began in Roman times and meant a cycle, as in rotation. The first written evidence of using the English word 'rota' was about 1650. The term roster comes from the Dutch word for gridiron, hence a grid is a pattern of parallel lines. The word in American usage means a list of names, such as officers or regiments, first used around the mid nineteenth century. The English usage started this century. The appearance of a 'roster' as a grid has remained unchanged because it is the most efficient method of displaying staff names, dates and shifts. We have used that 'look' in Visual Rota. A grid is very efficient at ... more
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