What's the difference between a VM, a VMS and a VMU?

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1 Answer

Basically, the answer to this question is the region you live in, or the region your VMU/VMS/VM was bought. When SEGA originally released the Dreamcast in Japan, they called the memory card the "VMU" (which stands for Visual Memory Unit). However, due to copyright and trademark problems, it had to be renamed to the "VMS" (Visual Memory System) when released in America. The European devices call themselves VMS on their file manager screen, but all the supplied packaging and documentation refers to them as simply the "VM" (Visual Memory), and to avoid confusion (or typing VMU/VMS/VM every time) I will simply refer to the device as a VM (or VMs in plural) throughout this FAQ. There are also a couple of cosmetic differences. The American and Japanese VMs have the Dreamcast Swirl logo, plus the name "Dreamcast" above the screen, European ones just have the name. Also the menu text on a Japanese VM (in the file and clock modes) is all in Japanese. However all VMs are compatible with all ... more
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