What's the difference between an EMT-D, EMT-B, EMT-I, and Paramedic?

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EMT-D and EMT-B are the same thing. The "D" was changed to a "B" to reflect changes in protocol. EMT-Is are intermediate level EMTs who can perform additional procedures such as administering IV fluids, intubating patients, and cardiac monitoring. Regular EMT-Bs cannot ordinarily perform these procedures. Paramedic is the highest level of EMT (also known as AEMT of EMT-P). Paramedics can do everything EMT-Bs and EMT-Is can do. Among other things, they can also administer narcotics and other drugs that lower level EMTs cannot. I/my group wants to learn CPR. Can you train me/us? Yes! Check our CPR Certification page for scheduled CPR classes and prices. If no classes are scheduled, please contact sherwin.soltani@yale.edu and we may be able to arrange a class for your group.
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AEMT and Paramedic are NOT the same thing.  Paramedic is a higher level than an Advanced EMT.  

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