What's the difference between and Honky and a Cracker?

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1 Answer

Today they both seem to be pejorative terms for all white people, 'honky' having been first applied to white men by black coworkers, and 'cracker' having been first applied to white people by other white people, especially in Georgia and Florida. As happened with 'yankee,' originally a pejorative term applied to American colonists by the British, some white people are beginning to wear these terms with pride. Other terms in the midst of a similar transition include 'redneck' and 'hillbilly.' The following word histories are copied from Wikipedia. Honky, Honkey or Honkie is a predominantly American pejorative racial slur for white people, often applied to males. Honky is a corruption of hungy or hunky, a term which originated in the stockyards and slaughterhouses of Chicago. The term may derive from "Bohunk" (Bohemian-Hungarian), which was used to refer to central Europeans. Black workers and Hungarian workers were two of the largest ethnic groups in the Chicago meat industry. Racial ... more
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