What's the difference between bobsled, skeleton and luge?

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Bobsledding, skeleton and luge are sports of skill, strength, and speed practiced by both men and women. These high-speed sliding sports are done on carefully designed mile-long ice tracks around the world and are the fastest Olympic sports. Two- and four-man bobsled teams fly down a mile-long track in an aerodynamic sled. Each bobsled team has a pilot and a brakeman. Four-man teams also have two crewmen. To steer, the driver holds ropes connected to polished steel runners. Most drivers wear gloves; some steer bare-handed to have a better feel for the ropes. Crew members shift weight to help the driver steer Skeleton, like most luging, is a one-person sport practiced by both men and women. Unlike luging, which involves a feet first position for the rider, the skeleton rider drives the sled from a head first position. Sleds are roughly rectangular in shape, with carrying handles on the side and two rounded parallel runners on the bottom. The rider generally rides in such a way that ...
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