What's the difference between enchilada, taquito, taco, fajitha, quesadilla???

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An enchilada is like a casserole--filled corn tortillas rolled up, placed on a baking dish, covered in sauce and baked. A taquito is a small filled and rolled up tortilla that is deep fried until crispy. A taco can have either a crunchy or soft shell and is often filled with ground beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomato. A fajita is made of a flour tortillas rolled up around spicy slices of steak or chicken, plus sauteed onions and peppers. A quesadilla is a tortilla cooked in a frying pan with cheese and perhaps meat or vegetables layered on one side. The other side is folded over and when it is cooked it is cut into triangular wedges. All are yummy choices! more
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