What’s the difference between flannel, birdseye or gauze?

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1 Answer

Birdseye's unique weave makes it soft, comfortable and very absorbent. Its woven qualities make it fast drying and the longest lasting of any diapering fabrics. The weave is looser than flannel and it is also less bulky. About 1/3 of the prefolds we sell are made of this fabric. Gauze is a difficult fabric to find but it is also the most popular diapering cloth. Weighing in as the lightest of all the diaper cloths, gauze is soft, loosely woven, and finely spun. This makes it the softest, most absorbent, comfortable diaper. Since it's looser, porous weave allows air to move about freely it is especially helpful in reducing the occurrence of diaper rash and is fast drying. Our gauze diapers out sell the other fabrics two to one. Our customers simply prefer this superior fabric. Flannel is the most common diaper fabric. Flannel is the primary fabric offered at some stores since flannel is the easiest fabric to come and is the least expensive. Many diaper companies push flannel because ... more
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