What’s the difference between Grain Vodka & Potato Vodka?

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Wheat is the primary ingredient in vodka, but almost any agricultural product can and has been used for this purpose, most notably beets, corn, rye and sugar beets. Despite the common conception, few vodkas are made from potatoes, though that seems to be changing. Luksusowa from Poland was one of the few potato vodkas until it was joined by Chopin, also from Poland, and Glacier, an American potato vodka from--where else?-- Idaho. Potato vodkas are a good choice for people who are allergic to grain. There is no difference in the way grain mash and potato mash is distilled. There are differences in the preparations for fermentation. The time the fermentation process takes is uniform and short, so it has no effect on the alcohol's smell and taste qualities. The quality and purity of the raw materials, the manner in which they are prepared for fermentation and proper control of the course of fermentation and distillation can affect the final outcome and flavor of the spirit.
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