What's the difference between gray and black squirrels?

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1 Answer

There are a few species of gray squirrels around the U.S. Confusingly the black squirrels are gray squirrels by species. Many people have developed elaborate theories over whether black or gray squirrels were more aggressive, usually based on the behavior of individual squirrels they know. In reality, gray squirrels are like labrador retrievers: the mother can have black and gray babies in the same litter. Will squirrels bite me? Not on purpose--unless they think you are trying to catch them. But they have poor eyesight and are jumpy, so if you feed them by hand they may mistake your finger for a nut. Those handling squirrels are more likely to get scratched than bitten. Will that squirrel give me rabies? No, rabies in squirrels is possible--as it is in all mammals--but it is extremely rare in squirrels. The leading theory is that squirrels bit by a rabid animal die because they are small instead of living to pass the disease on. What should I do if I find a baby squirrel? First, ... more
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