What's the Difference between Half Wave and Full Wave Rectifiers?

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1 Answer

You see things about these sets being Half or Full wave, basically it boils down to two main differences; Price and Power. In a nut shell these "rectifiers" control the amount and type of power flowing to your LED bulbs. Half wave is a cheaper way of getting power, and it seems like the industry is moving away from this type of construction. These sets have a slight flicker, some people are more sensitive to this than others, and usually these bulbs aren't AS bright as Full Wave. Half Wave do have the advantage of a slight lower cost. Full Wave sets are a superior style of light sets. The LEDs get more consistent and constant power than they would in a half wave set. This means they don't flicker as much and can better handle use on light controllers, such as faders. Typically Full Wave sets are brighter as well. That's a simple as we can put it, hope that clears some of the confusion about these two types of sets. more
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