What’s the difference between height, width and depth?

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A. Height is the distance from the floor to the highest point of the furniture, usually the top of the seat back cushion. Note that the hard frame of a sofa or recliner is generally a few inches lower than the cushion, providing additional clearance for potential obstructions such as window sills. Width is the distance from one end of the piece of furniture to the other, from left to right. Depth is the distance from the back of the piece of furniture to its front. Q. Can I have special features added on? A. Of course. The product sections of our web site list the many options available in each of our product categories. Check the boxes on the order form for the particular features you are interested in. Q. Can I see your furniture before I buy it? A. Villa International furniture can be found in the finest coaches on the road today. Ask your local dealer which models currently carry the Villa brand to see how our furniture looks “in action.” Q. Can you send me fabric samples? A. We ... more
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