What's the difference between inbreeding, line-breeding, and outcrossing?

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Many people look upon inbreeding as an immoral breeding practice. This is a human taboo, however, not a canine one. There are basically three different kinds of breedings you can do when breeding purebreds; inbreeding, line-breeding, and outcrossing. A basic understanding of genetics is needed to understand the difference. Inbreeding is that of father/daughter, mother/son, brother/sister, and possibly including first cousin/first cousin and grandparent/grandchild. Inbreeding offers more consistency in type (offspring will look and act very much like the parents), and a smaller gene pool (which is an advantage if the gene pool is clean, and a disadvantage if it's not). Line-breeding is that of more distantly related relatives. It falls between inbreeding and outcrossing. Outcrossing is a breeding of two unrelated dogs. Outcrossing will introduce new genes (increase the gene pool). This can be an advantage if it brings in desirable genes, or it can be a disadvantage if it brings in ... more
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