What’s the difference between initials and a monogram?

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1 Answer

Initials are the same size and appear in this order: first, maiden, married. A monogram consists of two or more letters overlapped or intertwined together. It usually has a large center initial that represents the last or married name. The smaller initial on the left represents the first name while the initial on the right represents the middle or maiden name. What about four-letter monograms? Consider the way you (or the person for whom you are monogramming) use your name socially. Some people use all four initials (all one size and in the order of first to last) or drop one of the middle initials for a three-letter monogram, with the surname initial appearing largest in the middle. A more modern option would be for the surname initial to appear largest, with the first three initials from top to bottom beside it. There’s also the case of the duPonts, the vonGalls, and the like. “Take Jane Ann DeBeers, for instance,” says decorator Leta Austin Foster. “A traditional initial would be ... more
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