What's the difference between Neuropsychology and Neurology?

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1 Answer

Neurology is a field encompassing the science and study of the human brain and nervous system and its diseases. Clinical neurology is a specialty field of medicine; a clinical neurologist is an M.D. who is board certified in neurology. The function and practice of a clinical neurologist differs substantially from that of a neuropsychologist. Since there is great confusion between the two, it is important to carefully note the differences: The neurologist M.D. deals with the structural and physiological consequences of brain injury and organic brain disease, while the neuropsychologist Ph.D. investigates the cognitive and behavioral impact of such conditions. For example, an individual suffers serious brain damage in a car accident. The neurologist will run tests and make determinations as to the physical impact of injuries: Can the patient ambulate, move limbs and muscles, and maintain hand/eye coordination?; Is an EEG needed? How severe is soft tissue damage?; Is surgery in order?; ... more
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