Whats the difference between Soy wax, Palm wax, and Paraffin?

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Lets start with paraffin. Paraffin is the most common type of wax used in candles today, and has been used for over 100 years. It is a petroleum product and is highly refined. Recently, the candle industry has introduced vegetable waxes, such as soy which is made from soybean oil and palm which comes from palm oil. These oils are turned into wax in much the same way as vegetable oil is turned into margarine. The advantages of these natural waxes are: Environmental: Vegetable waxes are biodegradable and are made from renewable resources. Health: While any candle can be poorly engineered so as to create soot, vegetable waxes tend to be easier to make clean burning than paraffin, and thus generally tend to burn cleaner. However, the cleanliness of the burn and the purity of the emissions has as much to do with the type and content of the fragrances or essential oils being used, and the choice of wicks, as it does with the type of wax. Social: If you prefer to give your dollar vote to ... more
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