What's the difference between washboard abs and six pack abs (Include pic plz)?

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1 Answer

As far as I've ever been concerned, they are one in the same. The only exception might be the everlasting quest for 8-pack abs being referred to as the washboard. a six pack takes a lot of work to get and keep for most people and is absolutely something to be proud of as you have to be 8-10% body fat to get a really well defined 6. I've got the "fat six pack" right now. You can see the outline of it, but I'm still at 12-13% fat and am working on lowering that. Once you get in that 5-8% range(gymnasts & professional body builders) you may get an 8 pack, but I've even heard that you have to have the right genes to even have a base for this. You can't really include pictures on yahoo answers, but a simple google or yahoo search will show you what abs look like. more
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