Whats the difference between Xbox 360 Gold Membership, Silver Membership and Bronze Membership?

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1 Answer

First of all the Gold/Silver/Bronze thingy is for the original Xbox. For Xbox 360 there is Gold which you have to pay a subscription and then there is Silver where it is free. Please remember this is for online content and is called Xbox Live. Each Xbox 360 console comes with Silver built in, and the Full System and Elite System come with 1 month Gold. With silver you can send text and voice messages to your friends, create a gamer profile, you can join free online mini games, download demos and videos etc. With gold you can do everything in silver plus play multiplayer games online (like SOCCOM etc.), exclusive content, enhanced gamer feedback, enhanced friends list, true skill matching where it matches people of the same skill so its a fair game. If you have gold for the original xbox you can switch over and it will last for the remainder of your subscription. If you have silver i think you can switch to Xbox 360 gold and maybe with bronze but i think with bronze you just go to the ... more
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