What's the differences between American Romanticism and British Romanticism?

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1 Answer

Here’s something that might help; it’s from William Rose Benet’s Encyclopaedia of World Literature: Romanticism is a term applied to the movement in European literature and the other arts that began toward the end of the 18th century. In emphasising the imagination and emotions over reason and intellect, the movement was a reaction against Neoclassicism. Broadly, romanticism might be said to involve the following characteristics: individualism; nature-worship; primitivism; an interest in medieval, Oriental, and vanished or alien cultures in general; philosophic idealism; a paradoxical tendency toward both free thought and religious mysticism; revolt against political authority and social convention; exaltation of physical passion; the cultivation of emotion and sensation for their own sakes; and a persistent attraction to the supernatural, the morbid, the melancholy, and the cruel. The French writer Rousseau is considered the father of romanticism, although its first manifestation ... more
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