What's the most accurate bible translation, who is Dr. Jason BeDuhn, and why Alex Trebek?

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Good day, Well, the old blog gets more hits than this one still, and it is simply because of Alex Trebek and Jason BeDuhn. Let me explain. A half of a year back I had posted on the Jeopardy question involving which bible translation was the best, why the supposed best translation is not the best, and what Jason BeDuhn said in his book "Truth in Translation." So, I've decided to rehash this subject for those of you out there still trying to find answers to these questions. The reason being is this, I believe that if the truth is found in more places, more people will find it. Did Alex Trebek really ask “What is the most accurate bible translation?” on Jeopardy? No, he did not. I can find no evidence anywhere that this ever happened, and anyone who stops to think about it for a few minutes would conclude that long before seeking any evidence. There is no YouTube evidence, there is little anecdotal aside from Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I cannot be sure about this, but I have found hints ...
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