What's the most loudest stadiums in the NFL?

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For the people that said Lambeau, you're absolutely wrong. Thats the smallest stadium in the NFL. Right now Quest Field in Seattle is the loudest stadium. However, that stadium was purposely designed to keep noise in and funnel it down to the field by using state of the art engineering techniques and materials (plus I think they pump sound in). Of the stadiums that didn't have those same techniques and materials available when they were built, Arrowhead is undoubtedly the loudest stadium in the NFL. Until Quest came along, Arrowhead held the record for the loudest measured noise in an NFL stadium (outdoor or dome) - 116 decibals. As gfcbarra said, it's louder than KCI airport which on a busy day barely breaks 100 decibals. Supposedly Quest Field was measured at 119 a couple years ago, but as I said before, I think they pump noise in. Arrowhead is the closest thing you can get to a college stadium (of which the large ones can get much louder than a lot of NFL stadiums) in the NFL. ... more
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