What's the size of a lion's penis?

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A. I've never been brave enough to measure the penis of a fully erect tom lion, but I've been close enough to that tiger I told you about (only a few cm away through a toughened glass window) to estimate his organ to be about as long as a man's and perhaps as thick at the base, but tapering steadily to a small rounded tip which contains the urethral meatus (orifice). These dimensions are taken at full erection, and given that a fully-grown tom tiger is more than twice the size of a man it is obvious that his penis is a lot smaller in relation to body size - but it's enough to arouse a female tiger - and inseminate her! The "collar" is the partly everted inner sleeve of the sheath. At erection, it emerges at the base of the glans as a fleshy pink cylinder wrapped around the base. In any case, cats have small penises for their body size, but those of lions and tigers, the super-sized cats more than twice the size of a man, are at my personal guess about the length of a man's penis ( ... more
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