When did casino gambling start in atlantic city, nj?

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1 Answer

1977 1) "June 2, 1977 in History Event: New Jersey allows casino gambling in Atlantic City " Source and further information: http://www.brainyhistory.com/.../..._1977_149721.html 2) "Atlantic City has a long and varied history. Though much has been written about the post 1977 casino years, and the heyday years of the 30's and 40's when the Atlantic City Boardwalk was the in place to be seen, there is a wealth of rich history which dates back over two hundred years before the first dice were thrown or the first jitney hit the pavement." "With the passage of the Casino Gambling Referendum in 1976, Atlantic City began an upward battle, not unlike one it had started two hundred years before, to use the glorious resources it has been given by nature, to make it once again a world renown tourist Mecca." Source and further information: <a href="http://www.atlantic-city-online.com/hist
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