When did England stop using the monarchy system?

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1 Answer

England was a monarchy for the entirety of its political existence since its creation about 927 up to the 1707 Act of Union, except for the eleven years of English Interregnum (1649 to 1660) that followed the English Civil War. The rule of executed King Charles I of England was replaced by that of a republic known as Commonwealth of England (16491653). The most prominent general of the republic, Oliver Cromwell, managed to extend its rule to Ireland and Scotland. The victorious general eventually turned against the republic, and established a new form of government known as The Protectorate, with himself as Lord Protector until his death on September 3, 1658. He was succeeded by his son Richard Cromwell. However, anarchy eventually developed, as Richard proved unable to maintain his rule. He resigned his title and retired into obscurity. The Commonwealth was re-established but proved unstable. The exiled claimant Charles II of England was recalled to the throne in 1660 in the English ... more
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