When did RX 93.1 start (History of RX 93.1)?

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1 Answer

RX 93.1, under the present management and ownership (Audiovisual Communicators Incorporated), was born on August 23, 1983 (our birthday!). Two days after Ninoy got assassinated, but we had nothing to do with that. Subtract 1983 from the current year, and you get how old we are. But the station had been operating under different call letters before that (see “Why RX 93.1?” above), which means there’s been a 93.1 on Philippine FM radio since the mid-Seventies. In 1983, the station adopted a pop music format and debuted as “Music City RX 93”, which went to number one in the surveys in the mid-Eighties. A fallen radio tower and changing audience preferences compelled the station to move from its Makati offices to its present location in Ortigas Center in 1987. As “Light Rock RX 93”, the station established light rock programming in the Philippines. In October 1990, the RX 93.1 searched its soul and reached self-enlightenment, recognizing and accepting its true identity as an energetic, ... more
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