When do nuisance phone calls officially become harassment under UK law?

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1 Answer

Sounds like BT are passing the buck somewhat if you ask me. They can do something and don't need authority from the Police to do so. I have experienced similar things myself to a private line and BT changed the number. Obviously this is more of a problem if its your widely advertised business number. Harassment is classed as a course of conduct that is unwanted by the receiver and amounts to harassment or that the person causing the harassment should have known would amount to harassment. In simple terms, if someone is doing something to you that you don't want then this could be deemed as harassment. The Police can trace phone numbers but the problem here is knowing who is using the phone that's making the calls. You can trace the number but its difficult to prove who was the person pressing the buttons. I would suggest speaking to the police to see if there's anything you can do. Also speak to BT to see if you can get a call monitor that registers the numbers that call you. The ... more
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