When faith brown takes her bra off?

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I remember Faith Brown from when she used to do the Northern clubs in the early 70's and I played in a resident band at one of them. She used to do impersonations but, coming from Liverpool, always retained a bit of the accent which, in my opinion, spoiled her act, I recall that she was a bit full of herself and had a high opinion of herself and her act which was more than I did. Most of it seemed to be pulling funny faces although she wasn't a bad singer. I was quite surprised when she made it onto T V as I didn't think she was really good enough and her T V career didn't really last too long. She must be over 60 now and as gravity always takes it's toll on breasts as large as hers were they must be quire saggy by now. I recall that one of her tricks was to fling her right arm high in the air as she sang the song 'Aquarius'. This caused her right breast to pop out of her low cut dress which she would then push back in to preserve her modesty. The first time I saw this I thought it ... more
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