When I hit my "Start" button, the floppy disk drive makes noise, and the computer takes a long time to respond. Why?

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1 Answer

Most likely someone has recently saved a document to a floppy disk in the floppy disk drive. The operating system (Windows) keeps a list of recently used documents in the Start Menu and the computer is attempting to locate the file on the floppy disk. To remove the list of recently used documents: 1. Click on "Start”. 2. Select "Settings". 3. Select “Task Bar Menu”, and then click on the "Start Menu Programs" tab. There will be a button labeled "Clear". 4. Click the "Clear" button. This will remove the list of recently used documents from the Start Menu. Q: I'm trying to use an external serial mouse, but none of the ports will recognize it. If you currently have a touch screen or internal modem, restart the computer. Press the "Delete" (Del) button to go into the bios setup, then go to "Integrated Peripherals" and set the ports to the default settings.
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