When I use Spam Manager to look at messages quarantined for an owned account it says its an alias and I should use an odd address with the word arget in it. Why?

Bruce Smm

I recommend you not to use such a spam manager. The best way to avoid any spam or fraud messages is to install a high-quality anti-spam plugin from reliable software developer like Cleantalk https://cleantalk.org/, for example. I have used their software for one year and have never faced any issues with the security level.


Spam sent to your personal address is quarantined in a Spam Manager account of the same name, but this isn’t true for owned accounts. Instead, it’s saved in a Spam Manager account created by adding ‘-target’ to the email address of the account. For example, an owned account of iss-admin@kcl.ac.uk would have a Spam Manager account of iss-admin-target@kcl.ac.uk. New spam notifications are sent to this bogus address. To view the quarantined spam you must log into Spam Manager with the ‘-target’ address. If you try to login with the account’s real email address, Spam Manager will tell you that this is just an alias. Instead you need to enter the ‘-target’ address. Spam Manager will send you a password for this address which will be different to the Spam Manager password for your personal account. We don’t want people to use these bogus ‘-target’ addresses in messages as they are reserved purely for this mechanism. (There is a reason for this complicated arrangement. It is because owned acc

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