When is it safe to run with a baby in a jogging stroller?

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2 Answers

Consumer Reports has this to say about the minimum age for jogging strollers:The appropriate minimum age for children to ride in a jogging or all-terrain stroller is a matter of debate, although one brand, Mountain Buggy, makes an all-terrain stroller that can be used as a carriage. For more conventional jogging/all-terrain strollers, manufacturers typically suggest 8 weeks, but our medical consultants say a baby should be at least 6 months, able to sit up, and have some head support to withstand the potentially jarring ride.Anecdotally, an acquaintance of mine started jogging with her child at 3 months with the approval of her pediatrician. more
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I ran with our baby at around 10 weeks. He always falls asleep in the baby jogger, even though his little head gets bounced all around. The head part is why I would wait until your daughter seems to have some decent neck support. Unsolicited advice: We have the Baby Jogger Q Series and I love it. It's light, tracks well, steers easily while running and folds in less than a second. They have another model with even larger wheels that's meant for super-serious runners. For what it's worth, I've clocked 6-something minute miles with the Q with no problem. more

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