When is Thanksgiving held every year?


When is Thanksgiving held every year?

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Thanksgiving in the United States is currently held every year on the fourth Thursday of November.  Thanksgiving in Canada is held every year on the second Monday of October.

Thanksgiving has been celebrated for many hundred years in the United States and was made a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.  At that time the holiday was set to be the last Thursday of November.  From 1939-1941 President Roosevelt moved the date to the next to last Thursday in November.  Then in 1941 Congress moved it to the fourth Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving in Canada has been a holiday since 1957.

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Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of every November. The day rotates every year.


Activity: • Develop a chart including rows for each culture identified. • At each heading name the culture, celebration in honor of, name of celebration, date of celebration, and how ‘Thanksgiving’ is celebrated in each culture. • Using the site, complete your chart.

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